Join us October 31 for trunk-or-treat! Traditions are important to community and to childhood and we wanted to protect this holiday at a time when is seems like so much joy has been sucked out of the world. We want to come together as neighbors and have a evening to celebrate the fall and the playful side of life.

How Does this Work?

Things will obviously be a little different this year, but we are confident that we can maintain the fun and the silliness that accompanies trunk-or-treat. We are going to work to reach our whole community at the level you are comfortable with. Our event will be held at the parking lot of the First Baptist Church where we have plenty of space to spread out. Participants are invited to park and walk from station to station where treats will be given out from stations that should make it easy to maintain social distance. We also want to accommodate those at greater risk so we will prepare treat bags to give out for those who just want to drive through.

Some considerations

NY policy still limits gatherings to fifty people. This limits the number of workers we can have and the number of people who can walk through at a given time. We expect to manage this limitation by having about 10-15 people working the event and being able to accommodate 35 people walking at any given time. If we have more we will just ask you to wait in your car until we can clear out some of the kids.

We will take all recommended precautions for passing out treats. We are thankful that there are no know cases of COVID transmitting through food packaging which makes us more confident that we can have fun and stay safe.

Monitor your own health – Please ensure you are feeling healthy if you are coming the way you would prepare for school. If you are not feeling well let us know and we will bring treats to you!

Get Involved

We need lots of candy – we are going to try to limit the amount of workers to maximize the number of families we can handle at any given time. That means will give out lots more candy per station. If you would like to donate candy for us to give out you can bring it by the First Baptist Church or contact us.

Any treats need to be in their original packaging. Thanks

Plan to come – Find a costume and join us on October 31 from 5:00-8:00

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