• 9:45 – Morning Bible Study

    Bible study classes are designed for us to study a Biblical book or a topic in an in-depth way. There are classes for all age groups.

  • 11:00 – Worship Service

    The worship service is designed to magnify God in every aspect from the singing, fellowship, giving, and the message.

  • 12:00 – Lunch

    You are welcome to be our guest for lunch. This is a time of fellowship that allows us to build stronger relationships with each other.

  • 1:30 – Afternoon Service

    The afternoon service is designed to be practical and interactive. We want to consider how God wants us to live out the truth. This service is designed to better equip us to grow and change in light of the Bible.


  • 6:30 – Joy Club / Teen Group

  • 7:00 – Prayer Meeting

    Prayer meeting is centered around developing our personal relationship to God and understanding how we can better experience awe and intimacy with Him. We also dedicate half of this service to prayer for our church and our community.