Spend the year with scripture

It is a brand new year and it is a great time to commit to reading through the Bible this year. Exposure to scripture is one of the most important disciplines for your spiritual vitality.

The time commitment is about 15 minutes per day and will help you anchor each day with the Lord. You will not regret the effort you spend pursuing God through His word.

Bible Reading Plans

Here are three Bible Reading plans to help you in your journey through the Bible

Discipleship Journal Reading Plan

This Bible reading plan features readings from the Old and New Testaments each day and requires just five days of reading per week. The extra two days can be used for Bible Memory or catch-up. This is a great plan designed to keep you from being discouraged if you get a little behind.

Classic M’Cheyne Bible Reading Plan

This is a classic Bible Reading plan that pairs readings from the Old and New Testament. It comes in 1 year and 2 year plans.

Benefits of reading the whole Bible

Listen to veteran Pastor John Piper’s thoughts on why and how to read the Bible through in a year. Click here

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