committed togetherAt the heart of our mission is to grow as family and to serve our community.
Our goal is to create a space that is enjoyed by our church family and available to our community as third space that promotes growth and connection. Before placing a reservation here are a few things we would like you to know.
  • We make our gym and facilities available at no cost, but you are welcome to support our work. Any donations will be reinvested our space to make it even better for our community to enjoy. We want to make our space bright, clean, and ready for everyone to enjoy. Dream with us on how we can make our community stronger You can support us here
  • We cannot assume liability for your group when you use our building. We strive to keep our facility well maintained, but you retain responsibility for your group/event. We trust our guest to prioritize safety for their members. We expect groups/individuals to use their own insurance to protect themselves and their group. If you have any questions about this policy or you have a concern about our facility please contact us.
COVID masks
  • In our current COVID climate we are balancing our need to stay connected and safe. We cannot monitor all private events using our facility. We are committed to cleaning our building so that it is ready for your use, but you are responsible to ensure that your group is complying with current government policy. Find current COVID guidelines here

We are thrilled to host you and we hope you have a great time and make some incredible memories. Let us know how we make things better. We would love to hear from you.

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