Gospel Perspectives

The gospel introduces us to a life that begins by receiving the life of God. God pours out his love for us. He mercifully provides access to forgiveness. All that is very exhilarating. It is a clear and vast improvement over living on the basis of appetites and impulses, getting and grabbing. We embark on the way of faith. We become free. We are filled with hope. We live more intensely and more amply than ever before.

Now, having begun there, what is the next step? What is the next step after love? Cautions mistrust? That is silly. What is the next step after faith? Anxious attempts to avoid anything that might displease God? That is silly. what is the next step after grace? Cannily bargaining with God so that we can manipulate him for our benefit? That is silly. 

Common sense out to keep you from abandoning the gospel of grace. 

 – Eugene Peterson


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